The independent film marketplace is on an upward swing – thanks to 3 key factors: 

  1. High-Quality, Inexpensive Digital Filmmaking Equipment has dramatically lowered production costs 

  2. Digital Film Distribution has revolutionized the industry by expanding audiences exponentially.  

  3. Social Networking allows for inexpensive, invaluable, word-of-mouth marketing (locally and globally). 


As mentioned in the previous section, independent films are typically acquired for distribution at film festivals – such as Sundance, South-bySouthwest, Tribeca, Cannes and Toronto.  The film festival circuit has served as a launching pad for several low-budget stories detailing socially driven pieces such as, Dear White People, Dope, Fruitvale and etc.  More recent, Moonlight, took home several nominations and awards, also a film whose growth stemmed from its successful response from film festivals.   


Our plan is to premiere “#WATCh” at a major film festival to court potential distributors.   


High-quality independent films are more in demand than they have ever been.  This is because digital distribution has unlocked several huge – extremely lucrative – markets outside of traditional theatrical distribution.  These distributors need quality content to keep their audiences happy – providing independent filmmakers with a great opportunity.  


Here are some of the main player in the “VOD” space: 


Cable Video-on-Demand (VOD):  Time Warner Cable, Comcast, DirecTV, Verizon FIOS, ATT U-Verse, etc.  

Internet Video-on-Demand (I-VOD): iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Zune 

Subscription Video-on-Demand (S-VOD):  Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus  


No film is a sure bet, but our project contains the elements most commonly found in successful independent films:  

  1. Relatable: the film is timely and mirrors the current social climate with dated references that keeps is relatable to the older audience as well.  

  2. Proven genre:  Stories that engage an audience through devices such as: love, hope, race and class, are profitable, time-tested genres.   

  3. Recognizable cast:  this is our Ace of spades.  We currently have a list of actors whose resume is supported by a list of genres in both television and film that supports a healthy box office return.