Joel P. E. King

Joel P. E. King,”JPEK”  is a native of East Saint Louis where his name engraves the wall of East Saint Louis High School Hall of Fame.  Graduating from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Joel attained a B. A. in studio Arts with a minor in music and theatre.  King is a entrepreneur, performer, writer, director and producer.  Traveling across the nation, King “purposely” finds himself back in the St. Louis, using his artistic skills to entertain and inspire.  His production company, JPEK CreativeWorks Theatre has had a great success after bringing quality, original productions to the area and abroad.  As a result of his business endeavors, has hired and assisted in developing fine talents that have benefited from his tutelage.  Through his courageous, socially driven stage plays, monumental, historic events have received a fresh voice.   He has received three city proclamations, several cover stories and massive support for his stage works: Real Life hip hopera, Issues of Love  and Stand Your Ground.  It has become standard to include celebrity talents to his bill as a way of audience attraction and artist development for the performers.   


King has been busy developing and writing content for film and tv.  Having working very closely with Andrea “Drea Kelly”, King has produced pilots for unscripted and scripted projects that he is currently awaiting the green light.  King’s catalogue also includes content such as: Game Night, Meeting at the Elder’s Circle, Thru the Eyes, Real Life web-series and Exodus.   


Joel PE King is a talent with Talent Plus Agency and part of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG/AFTRA) and the Actor’s Equity Association.   Many credits precede him.  Some of which attained nominations and/or winning-award recognition: Complacency of Silence- Outstanding Actor in a Supporting role nomination; Ruzzian Roulette – Best Independent Film; Colored Purple – Best Ensemble and recent film Before I Do which has gained international distribution to star with Jensen Atwood and Omar Gooding.   


Director's Statement

Art does  have a way of imitating life - Even in some of the most traumatic ways, we have found what was once an idea imagined, suddenly creeps into our real life stories that changes lives forever.  These are the lessons to be examined, written and put into a form that speaks of current society.  In 2012, I was inspired to put the story of Travyon Martin into a broader perspective, but as a stage play.  The appeal from such content and ability to finally, “speak out”, regarding a subject matter that no longer agreed to silence was more that invigorating, it was majestic.   Not only through the writing of this passage birthed another product, but it served as a medicine for our current crisis.  This device had to become massive and then came the movie from a conversation with a friend to produce a short film.   


As Americans, we are riding the wave of an unsteady heartbeat and it’s up to us to continue to invest into it’s therapy.  #WATCh provides such by interweaving the lives of relatable stories.  These types of stories have traveled generations and yet we still find ourselves unaware of a solution that empowers those that have been wronged, imprisons the true offenders and decides forgiveness.